Friday, February 24, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Line on all New Reels

Went to Gander Mountain today and purchased the 8lb line needed for my new reel and dads old Mitchel.  Put the line on the reels.   I also fixed the tip on the rod that my folks picked up on a garage sale.  This is the first fishing trip that I have 5 good rods and reels.  I still need a few steel leaders and new lights for the slip bobbers before the trip.

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Reels

Enough with the excuses.   I had a monster fish on last year and lost it.  I blamed the drag on my 14 year old reel.  I purchased 2 new Abu Garcia reels and 1 Pflueger reel.  I forgot how to post on the blog, but its that time again.  2012 TRIP!!!!  The ice is still on Crescent Lake and here we are starting to blog and plan this years trip.  This year we will be arriving at Crescent Lake on June 17th and departing on June 23rd.  A little risky with the May fly hatch.  Invites have been sent out.   I can't wait to sit around the camp fire.

Let the countdown begin...

2012 trip plans almost in stone.  Can't wait for the first cast, the cry of the loons and the smell of fried spam with beans & eggs.  Did I beat Shaun to the blog page?  I believe so!  Spam up, only about 4 months to go~